About us

We want to support people with refugee and migration biographies in standing up for their interests in politics, business and society.

Our central goal is empowerment, which includes the equal political, social, professional and cultural participation of our young people in social life in Germany.

Our empowerment approach aims to enable our clients to develop the ability to shape their social environment and their lives themselves and not to be shaped. We want to enable them to lead an independent and self-determined life. 

Through the support and accompaniment of individuals, groups and the design of participation structures, we want to work towards greater and communal strength as well as the ability to act. Through the empowerment approach, individuals and groups of individuals are encouraged to use their personal and social resources and skills to participate in order to gain control over the shaping of their lives.

The promotion of participation and community building are part of the strategy of our empowerment process. Through our offers and projects we want to accompany our visitors on this path. Through mutual support and workshops, discriminatory living conditions are to be overcome. The results of these processes are that the feeling of powerlessness is reduced and self-confidence emerges strengthened.

We promote participation and involvement by:

  • Providing creative space
  • Participation in the decision making
  • Participation in committees
  • Mediation in internal and external civic engagement
  • Planning and implementing our own projects