Founding idea & association

Companies, civic-minded people, authorities, institutions and organizations together in one place – to support young refugees and other young people on their way to training. Short distances and quickly established contacts facilitate the exchange between the young people, employers and authorities.

The concept for the training campus was developed at the beginning of 2016 at the „Refugees and Training“ round table of the Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart. The participants in the round table included the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts, the Social Welfare Office, the Youth Welfare Office, the Foreigners‘ Registration Office, the Job Center and the Employment Promotion Office of the state capital Stuttgart, the Employment Agency, the State Education Office, vocational schools, representatives of the refugee friendship groups, various companies, as well as large foundations and independent sponsors.

The goal: to support training companies and applicants in finding the best possible match. Young refugees can have their skills systematically assessed at the Campus, but they can also contribute themselves and learn from each other in an exchange. They receive advice on career orientation and an overview of leisure, cultural and engagement opportunities in the city. They will continue to learn German at the same location and can establish contacts with sponsors. In addition, Internet research and PC work, such as writing job applications, are possible at this modern learning center.

The offer is low-threshold and close to the reality of life. It is a place for all young adults who find it difficult to find their way into training. But companies can also find contact persons at AUSBILDUNGSCAMPUS, for example to clarify questions about legal status, funding opportunities and support models.

The training campus is supported by the Stuttgarter Bildungscampus e. V. association. 

Members of the supporting association Stuttgarter Bildungscampus e. V.



Herr Dr. Wolf Bonsiep

Robert Bosch GmbH

Herr Georg Ceschan

AWO (Ruhestand)

Herr Michael Fecker

Robert Bosch GmbH

Herr Heinz Gerstlauer

Lechler Stiftung

Herr Rouven Edlich

Mercedes-Benz AG

Frau Sabine Gasmi-Thangaraja

Caritas Verband Stuttgart

Herr Dr. Frank Heintzeler

Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart

Frau Sabine Henniger


Frau Suzana Hofmann

Welcome Center Stuttgart

Herr Jürgen Peeß


Frau Nicole Scholl

Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart

Herr Stephan Schumacher


Frau Duygu Utku


Frau Irene Armbruster

Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart